Side Stripe Powder Coating System
Side Stripe Powder Coating System

The Jorson side stripe powder coating system features one-piece construction. It has been designed completely in-house on the basis of several years’ research. This product is protected with intellectual property rights. Its notable features include unique properties, compact structure, small footprint and convenient installation. The design of simplified piping system inside our machine can contribute to reduction of the manufacturing costs.

One-piece construction of side stripe powder coating machine
This machine covers a small area and is easy to install. With fewer pipes inside of the machine, the production cost is reduced.

Display of a one-piece powder coating machine for welding joints

More reasonable design with fewer pipes

Integrated powder feeding cylinder
The powder feeding cylinder combines both powder feeding and powder recycling functions. Its unique isolation device guarantees not only the compactness of the machine body, but also the achievement of both functions.

Automatic powder coating machine for welding joints
The machine features a powder coating whose thickness is even, clear and offers a clear powder stripe. It doesn’t pollute the environment because it doesn’t generate flying powder.

Powder feeder of automatic powder coating machine

Powder feeding cylinder of excellent performance

Recycling machine for automatic powder coating machine for welding joints

Pneumatic pressure adjustment of the recycling machine

Various connectors of recycling machine

The stable electronic control system of the recycling machine ensures a smooth operation.

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