The Jorson side stripe powder coating system features one-piece construction. It has been designed completely in-house on the basis of several years’ research. This product is protected with intellectual property rights.

The spot powder coating and curing system has been awarded patented product status. Jorson is the first in the world to create this type of equipment. Our product completes the spot powder coating and curing process for pail. It has overcome the shortcomings of traditional liquid coating systems, such as poor corrosion resistance, low production efficiency, high labor costs as well as lack of environmental protection.

Jorson's team of highly specialized technicians provide customers with equipment upgrade and rebuild services. In addition, we undertake turnkey projects for the construction of various machines and production lines.

Product Videos
  • Side Stripe Powder Coating System
  • Spot Powder Coating and Curing System for Pail
  • Turnkey Solutions